Swap Your CNTM Tokens into CNTM 2.0 Tokens

1. Ensure you have your private key or keystore file associated with your Ethereum Mainnet wallet containing ERC20 CNTM Tokens.

2. Transfer your ERC20 CNTM Tokens to the Matrix Foundation Token Burn Account Address (below).


3. Send an email to swap@connectome.one. Be sure to include the following information:

  • a. The transaction hash
  • b. Your ERC20 wallet address
  • c. The number of tokens you sent to the CNTM Token Burn Account Address

4. The equivalent number of CNTM 2.0 tokens will be issued to your ERC20 Wallet Address in a few days. You can verify your Wallet balance using the Blockchain Browser ethersan.io.

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