Partner Program

Use case partner

Use case partners will deploy Connectome products in order to create new value and improvements to the user experience. For developing a virtual human agent we are undertaking various projects such as asking users to interact with it and using blockchain to ensure transparency of data.
Example: Proof of Concept (POC) installation of a virtual human agent at the Found8 coworking space with the aim of increasing participation in community events.

Tech Partner

A tech partner will undertake technological collaboration with Connectome or technology companies where there is a synergy with our technology. Through cross-disciplinary technological collaboration, we aim to create better products. In addition, Tech Partners will share knowledge of each other's research areas and will solve technological problems together.

Developer Partner

Developer partners aim to create a sustainable and enthusiastic network through community collaboration with engineers around the world. We will also find, train and increase the number of participating engineers through the introduction of our SDK at hackathons and universities. Connectome is already creating communities in America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries around the world. In two years, the number of participants has grown to more than three thousand. Let’s invigorate the global tech community together.