Connectome is dedicated to building a distributed VHA intelligent brain multi-ecosystem based on the bottom technology of the blockchain.

Connectome is the first to do and focus on developing VHA (Virtual Human Agent) - Human and artificial intelligence (AI) interaction solution, using CNTM Network, C-VHA intelligent brain platform, decentralized VHA market, CNTM open intelligent cloud, the four core modules that aggregate each human, VHA data source, VHA application, AI manufacturer, AI service provider, AI resource provider, and AI consumer, to break the data monopoly, so that everyone can participate in innovation and contribute data and VHA to create a VHA multi-ecosystem and AI smart economy, and promote the rapid development of AI.

About Connectome

What is Connectome?

Connectome is a VHA eco platform based on the core technology of the blockchain, which uses the CNTM Network, C-VHA smart brain platform, decentralized VHA market, and CNTM open intelligent, the four core modules to create a VHA collaborative ecosystem and create more high-quality VHA by using artificial intelligence (AI), games AI (Human-like Intelligent NPC Technology), Blockchain and Humanities. VHAs can be the personal assistants and cornerstone of organizations and companies to assist the service industry, healthcare, various human-computer interaction industries, and become the future of human-computer interaction.

  • Completed blockchain infrastructure-CNTM Network.
    "CNTM Network" is the infrastructure bottom layer of Connectome. It will be composed of CNTM CHAIN and an AI resource collaborative open repository. CNTM CHAIN is mainly responsible for the asset issuance, asset transmission / storage / destruction, cross-chain interoperation, contract deployment, off-chain consensus confirmation, on-chain data verification, voting, encrypted storage of account data, and smart contract environment. It adopts cBFT hybrid consensus algorithm, which can achieve cross-chain data exchange and asset circulation with other major public chains, such as ETH, TRON, EOS, NEO, ONT, etc. The collaborative open repository of AI resources will aggregate three core resources including AI and VHA: data, algorithms (models), and computing power. Both the AI resource side and the demand side can upload, share, obtain benefits, create models, train models, and other behaviors through data, algorithms (models), computing power through the collaborative open repository of AI resources.
  • C-VHA Intelligent Brain Platform
    The core of the C-VHA intelligent brain platform is the VHA development platform and AI service intelligent platform, which is the core of AlaaS. The VHA development platform will release an SDK to provide development environment of "VHA interface" and "VHA Brain ". The AI intelligent service platform includes C-ID KYC, AI intelligent engine + VHA intelligent service, NLP natural language, third-party engine tools and other components. The C-VHA intelligent brain platform can access various AI services of VHA to achieve interaction with smart contracts. At the same time, various VHA developers, AI servers, and AI service demanders can complete intelligent collaboration through the C-VHA intelligent brain platform to complete the collaboration and value exchange of data, AI models, and services.
  • Connectome market-distributed VHA market
    Connectome will build a decentralized VHA market based on its own blockchain system. Each developer and data owner can upload a VHA Brain to the VHA market and use CNTM TOKEN as the creation cost to release a unique TOKEN belonging to their own VHA. It contains ownership information, such as creator, ownership history, and price, to prove ownership of data and assets. It will also provide a decentralized ranking mechanism for the market content ——the bonding curve. At the same time, according to the development of the Connectome ecosystem, the VHA market will gradually open trading modules such as data, algorithms, models, and computing power, and realize the value circulation of various AI resources in the market.
  • CNTM Open Intelligent Cloud
    Connectome will build a CNTM open intelligent cloud, integrating smart contracts, APIs and SDKs, cross-chain protocols, application frameworks, and data components on the front end. Applications implemented by HTML, JavaScript and CSS will run on the cloud (user's browser), which provides a convenient and functional operation platform for users and enterprises. It can save a lot of time for AI / VHA developers on learning complex blockchain technologies, and also provides a modular experience of smart contracts, interfaces, asset issuance, and VHA / data asset retrieval and deployment for the enterprise / dAPP.

Partnership Program


  • 01
    The amount of data in the world will increase exponentially. Not just because of smartphone evolution but also due to IoT and 5G technology. The massive amounts of data, and along with constantly rising use of technology, will make it difficult and time-consuming for individuals and organizations to process all the information and make decisions. This goes double for real-time is an increased need for new technology that can automate and streamline communication between people and technology.
  • 02
    Research shows that having human respondents answer questions from human-like characters improves response rate and speed when compared to audio prompts.
    There’s the famous rule of Mehrabian. It says that people receive information not only from hearing but also from mimicry and the body’s movements. VHAs have the potential to extend and deepen communication between people and technology.