What is Connectome?

Connectome is a technology platform to realize human-like AI assistant, “Virtual Human Agent” (VHA) that can respond to users not only through speech but also via eye contact and facial expressions. Connectome’s VHA combines cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning, AI, Blockchain, AR/VR, Robotics and IoT. Through the synergy of such technologies, it will function like a virtual human being that can recognize emotions and has a memory, as well as being highly secure due to decentralized data management built on blockchain technology. The initial VHA is named “Rachel”.

Can you give some examples of use-cases for Connectome’s VHA “Rachel”?

VHAs can perform a wide range of tasks and perform many different roles. A VHA can be your personal virtual assistant or friend that you can chat with and who takes care of your personal tasks, like arranging meetings, helping you with online shopping and much more. VHAs are also excellently suited to take on roles in companies and organisations. For example, working as a receptionist at a company, as a concierge in the tourism and hospitality industry, an assistant in healthcare facilities. The possibilities are endless.

How can I join the
Connectome community?

Connectome has a vibrant community comprised of technology enthusiasts and business professionals. We are always looking to welcome new members to participate in our events - both online and at real-world events. We hold regular meetups in various parts of the world to discuss and update ourselves on advancements in fields such as AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT etc.

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